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Sex with Miners

Many controversial issues circulate the intellectual and social arena these days but none as gut wrenchingly obscene as the debate on sex with miners.

For a long time the right to have sex with miners has been non-existent, however in countries such as Holland new legislation is being passed so more people can indeed have sexual relations with miners. Many people find this outrageous and sickening, in fact President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso claimed that “The stomach of morality has become so hungry that it has actually started to digest itself.” But why claim this when the European Union is allowing Romania to join when sex with miners there has been socially acceptable for decades? And isn’t it astonishing that, the likes of Holland and Belgium (two out of three of the Benelux countries which first formed the EU) have Miner Pornography up there with their biggest exports?

Picture: Reuters

Above: An example of the ‘Miner Porn’, which is so popular over in Europe.

Overall, sex with miners is a confusing issue. I for one do not understand why sex with miners is perceived as wrong. Is it due to the fact they are always dirty and it is unhygeinic to have sex with them? Is it due to them having such dangerous jobs and risking their lives each day? Is it because the miner population is so small, in this country especially? Or is it just post-Thatcher-working-man bashing? What for salt miners?! They barely get a look in, always cast aside for the more popular coal miner.

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with people having sexual relationships with miners. Well, as long as they’re above the age of consent, paedophilia is definitely something I do not condone. As for gay relationships, the age of consent should be put back up to 18 years, we can’t have old retiries taking advantage of naive young miners.

The moral outrage in this country over people having sex with miners is ridiculous, we need to get our priorities right and focus on more pressing issues such as people having sex with minor miners.


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  1. Ste For Sure ⋅

    Fuckin brilliant!

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