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Idea #1

Idea: A Bernard Manning Charity Gig

Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone

This may not be a popular idea, however I think it would have its positives.

Not only would it help raise money for the people of Sierra Leone who have been affected by the civil war but it would convert those who have been alienated by Bernard’s racist jokes and so called ‘bigotry’. It would also be a chance for Bernard to show off some of his classic material to a wider audience.

Bernard could also take friendly digs at the crowd with one liners such as “We give the blacks the chance to run their own country and look what bloody happens!!” I think that Bernard and I are amongst many in the view that if you can’t laugh at yourself you don’t deserve charity.

EDIT: Now Bernard Manning has passed away (God rest his soul) his place shall be taken by either Roy “Chubby” Brown or Jim “Ginger” Davidson. Either will have the same effect and make similar jokes.


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