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Idea #2

Idea: Guide dogs for those who suffer from Aphonia (dumbness) or for the deaf (sufferers of deafness).

For many years now blind people (people deprived of sight) have been allowed dogs to guide them around public areas in order to prevent accidents, sometimes amusing, i.e. walking into signposts, but sometimes fatal i.e. walking off cliffs. However the deaf and dumb members of our society have been deprived of the same right.

I think that it is grotesquely unfair that we have this double standard. I believe that the deaf and dumb deserve to have dogs which have been trained to speak English (amongst other languages such as Mandarin, Swahili and Double Dutch) and communicate with sign language.

People will say that it is a ridiculous idea and that it would be impossible to train a dog to do these things, but to that I say “NONSENSE!” I think that it is plain and simple daftness to underestimate the intelligence of dogs. Did you know that many celebrities and public figures are in fact canines? Bob Geldof’s scruffy hair and bad smell are obvious indicators of his genetic differences. And let’s not forget Hazel Blears whose belligerant yapping and sour face are very similar features to that of a yorkshire terrier.

Obviously there are other arguments that suggest that this idea is fundamentally flawed, however they tend to be made by extremely selfish blind people who want all the world’s guide dogs to themselves.


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