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Revival of the Ramblings

Hello readers, it has been a while no? Months and months spent in limbo, stuck in uncertainty as to whether the blog had died a silent death, halted by apathy, suffocated by lethargy or just muted by the fleshy mufflers of hardcore pornography and drowned by the vast sea of many branded alcoholic beverages.

Worry not…

The revival is beginning.

The revolution ball is rolling.

The boulder of discontent is storming down the hill of society crushing the ignorant shrews of contentedness and blasting away the old institutional trees rooted in the irrational traditions of society.

The poet is reborn.



3 responses to “Revival of the Ramblings

  1. clicheguevara ⋅


  2. brilliant, you’re talking absolute sense as usual. i’ve never read such an amazing blog in my entire, pathetic life. i wish I were dead.

  3. Ste For Sure ⋅

    that post was really quite beautiful…

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