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An Interview with… Pete Townshend

Inane Rambler: Pete Townshend. It truly is an absolutely mammoth, a terrifically gargantuan, a seriously substantial, and a pretty planet-esque privilege to be sitting here opposite you today.

Pete Townshend: Yeah?

IR: Now, Pete, I would like to conduct an interview with you. Is that OK?

PT: No.

IR: Well, it’s already started so you’re going to have to go along with it anyway.

PT: Just give me a bottle of rum and the kiddy pics and I’ll do it.

IR: But Pete, there are no ‘kiddy pics’ here, and we don’t have any alcohol on the premises.

PT: I NEED TO CONDUCT MY RESEARCH! I need to hurt… I mean help the children.

IR: What? I’m sorry Mr Townshend but we cannot help you fulfil your ‘needs’.

PT: (Drunken slur)

IR: Wait a second. You’re not Pete Townshend, you’re just a homeless, drunken pervert posing as Pete Townshend! Go on, get out. Back onto the streets where you dregs belong!
Next week: An Interview with Chris Langham.


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