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A sincere apology to the two, or maybe three readers of this blog

As I am sure you have noticed there has been a large emphasis on sex, and specifically sex with children, in this blog. I firstly would like to apologise for this and from now on there will be more variation of low brow, crude, tasteless humour within these electronic walls.

I would also like to apologise for the amount of ‘surfers’ who have stumbled accross this blog in their valiant attempts to search for child pornography. Unfortunately for those people there are no indecent images of children within this blog, and if it weren’t for this Nanny State run by fascists I’m pretty sure there would be. But there you go, the law is the law and we all have to suffer underneath it.

Prancing back to the original point of crude humour…

I was in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne just the other day and a young woman came accross my path. It was a very messy sight as this woman clearly had no control over her anal sphincter… Too crude? Yes, that’s what I thought. One can surely do better than that.

I was reading a copy of a credible newspaper just the other day, I specifically remember a particularly interesting and insightful column written by Richard Littlejohn… Oh wait, that’s even worse.

Northern Ireland. Why are they fighting? They’re all white… Oooh. Rather racist, best not go down that road, it’s a bad road. However, I think I ought to make it known that the above is in fact the material of Bernard Manning. I’ve not got permission to use it, but what is he going to do?! He’s dead!

Right, bollocks to this. I’m just waffling on. There will be more to come soon, I promise.


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