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Profile of a Glamour Model: Germaine Greer

Welcome – or ‘willkommen’ as a Nazi would say – back to my wonderful, wonderful blog. And welcome to a new series of short entries dedicated the fabulously famous, the terrifically talented, and the very good indeed and much better than any of us normal, ugly, stupid, uninteresting peasants. Or as they are often called “celebs”. In this entry I will be focusing on the world famous glamour model Germaine Greer.


Picture: Reuters

Born on the island continent of Australia, Germaine Greer started life as a very young child. It was from then on she would gradually grow for around 20 to 25 years and then stop growing as such, but carry on developing in different ways. Within these earlier years she developed supple breasts and peach-like buttocks. It was during these years that Greer decided to throw off the shackles of male oppression and become a glamour model for adult oriented Australian magazine ‘Shocking Sheilas’.

Greer eventually went on to star in many Australian adult films and is one of the most popular women in Australia since Dame Edna.

However, Greer’s career was dogged by rumours that she was a staunch feminist and this led to her having to withdraw from the adult entertainment industry in Australia. Fortunately this was towards the end of her career and the industry had already drained the best out of her, mentally and physically.

Despite these troubles Greer remained a popular public figure in Australia, and accross the world.


Barbie’s Booby Barby

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On Her Back in the Outback


4 responses to “Profile of a Glamour Model: Germaine Greer

  1. missy

    why such… ‘minimalistic’ view? 🙂

  2. Big Smalley ⋅

    Very Very good Grey lad, love it all, especially ‘greer’ and ‘Muggers’ Mugabe. mikex

  3. Ollie

    An interesting post and strange picture! Thanks for sharing.

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