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The Wonderful Sounds of Whaling

In this fantastic 3 CD album deal, The Wonderful Sounds of Whaling brings you authentic recordings from Norway, Japan, Iceland, Canada and Indonesia!

Sit back and relax to the frantic cries of the Japanese whalers, the deafening moans of the majestic blue whale, the splatter of guts, the tearing of flesh, the victorious war-cries of the Lamalerans of Indonesia.

Also, when you buy online you will receive a free DVD: Whaling Mishaps with commentary from all round fan of unnecessary violence Binyamin Netanyahu.

And all this for just £14.97. It’s the deal of the century! Just look at these celebrity endorsements:

“Soothing, relaxing, and great to listen to after a hectic day of violently oppressing my own people.” – Robert “Muggers” Mugabe

“I always listen to The Wonderful Sounds of Whaling when I’m in the bath, all hot and shaving my legs.” – Gordon “Godfather of Soul” Brown

The Wonderful Sounds of Whaling has had a significant influence on my music” – Edith Piaf

“It’s more fun than the Hilsborough disaster” – Kelvin MacKenzie

So order online now for just £14.97 at and you won’t be disappointed*

*Customers may be disappointed

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