About this Blog

Grasping the scalpel; peeling back the foreskin of deception. A powerful and potent metaphor but, more importantly, an incisive one. For the endeavor for truth can be daunting, distressing and, upon discovery, the impact of truth can be painful. I am no Rabbi, there is no drop of manischewitz to ease the pain. However I do offer emancipation; a release from the constraints of the status-quo, from the lies that have trickled down into every crevasse of society. Some question my methods, some question my conclusions, some question I! These are not the bizarre musings of a self-aggrandized psuedo-intellect! They’re the idiots, obviously.


2 responses to “About this Blog

  1. clicheguevara ⋅

    Look upon him and tremble, for he is The Saucy One.

  2. I love to see the repealing of foreskins. I also love to purposely misunderstand irony even though it’s never funny or clever.

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